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i2i Core Moves for Improvers at Salsa! Soho
Streetbeat Salsa Co.
13 October 2019, 11:30 AM - 13 October 2019, 5 PMActivities   
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Core Moves for Improvers (like an apple core .. applealing!)
Core moves does what it says on the tin. Short easy combinations of common moves that draw from all five categories of moves: spins, travelling, shuffling and turns, footwork patterns and garnish (no prior knowledge of these terms are needed).
These core moves form a comfort zone of competence. In short you can get out there and do some stuff! Leaders can lead some moves and followers have experienced enough of them to lose the fear of ‘hitting the breaks’ when confronted with an unknown move.
The moves vary in each session so repeat to get more moves and a real sense of your hard won progress.

The primary goals of this are to:
Experience core moves spanning all five categories of moves.
To fluidly connect simple moves into combos through ‘rapport’
To create awareness of, and tackle anticipation (aka back-leading) through attention and presence.

Along the way I’ll present a bunch of conceptual tools that allow dancers to fine tune their skills and apply them to many similar moves and therefore learn faster.
Apart from reinforcing the core Salsa Rapido concepts such as:
- The seven basic rules of salsa
- Understanding and dealing with errors
- Where style comes from and applying it

All Salsa Rapido Improvers to Intermediate salsa courses (i2i) are designed to take post-beginner salsa dancers into the world of freestyle salsa dancing so you can get into dancing at the salsa clubs.

As with all Salsa Rapido courses, it is a genuine foundation course spanning the regional styles and popular moves.

They are intensive and offer real progress and achievement within a fun, friendly and supportive environment where experienced and less experienced participants help each other.
The program is designed as a compliment to your existing classes or as a stand alone path to club/social dancing and advanced salsa levels
Each course consists of four hours of actual tuition on one day. This does not include coffee breaks, lunch period, Q&As or practice sessions!

The Salsa Rapido® i2i Flavours is a series of salsa courses aimed at Improver and Intermediate salsa dancers.
Held at bar Salsa in London on Sundays 11.30am – 5pm (not every week)
Location: Salsa Soho 96 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0JG
Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Rd tube stations.

Please note that the Salsa Rapido i.2.i. program is not for absolute beginners.
It is a course to bring post beginners into the faster paced world of freestyle salsa.

Minimum standard guidelines
All participants must:
Be able to keep their footwork going whilst concentrating on something else.
Must have experienced a range of moves.
Must be able to lead or follow a 'Cross Body Lead' or 'Dile Que No'

I strongly recommend that a minimum of four hours tuition has been completed prior to joining the i.2.i. Program.
If you're still not sure contact me (daytime only please 07939012231).

Improvers, Intermediate
Age Type
A salsa course aimed at Improver and Intermediate salsa dancers.
Held at Bar Salsa in London on Sunday 11.30am – 5pm
The standard price for an i2i Flavours course is £40 per course.
This is discounted to £35 if you have attended the Salsa Rapido 1-Day intensive for beginners course within two months (use offer code 'b4')
If you have attended an i2i course in the last six months, further i2i Flavours courses are  £30 regardless of which theme it is (use the offer code 'flav')
Promoter  Streetbeat Salsa Co.






The Streetbeat Salsa Co. was formed by Alastair Sadler in 1995 to promote the Salsa Rapido® method of teaching salsa, and salsa social events.

  • The Salsa Rapido® 1-Day Intensive Salsa classes at Beginners level on Saturdays.
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Contact details
Tel: 07939 012231
Bar Salsa Soho
96 Charing Cross Road
020 73793 277

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